Friday, April 27, 2007


Love is a very strong feeling of affection. Love is created by hormones in the brain, telling the person if they like somebody or something. Love cannot easily be described, for it is a mix of emotions; people can love and be loved in different ways.

Love is the attraction of one person to another person, object or sensation. It is debated whether animals can experience love. Love is created by chemical reactions in the brain. Eating chocolate releases the same chemicals in the brain giving one the feeling of love.

Love is a different feeling for many people; different people can feel or experience love in different ways. As a result it is something that is hard to define.

A common belief is that there is a difference between being "in" love and loving someone. Being in-love is something which many people believe is too much; people think about the person or thing they are in love with a lot, the person or animal (if that is possible) might think that the one he/she is "in love" with is very important to them.

There are many forms of love: self-love, divine love, love for another person (family member, friend, lover), just to name a few. In fact, love does not even have to involve people; for example, love can exist in regard to an object or idea. Psychology divides love into three basic categories: brotherly love, romantic love, and physical love. Theoretically, having all three makes true love.

Often love can be confused with another feeling, such as sexual attraction, affection, obsession or feelings of friendship. There are examples when love can be destroyed; love was once there, but another feeling, such as jealousy or anger, has taken over the feeling of love.

Love is based on respect, admiration, and communication. Respect must be present in order for love to grow. One cannot love someone or something one disrespects or hates, or is unable to communicate with.

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